New Horizons in Biologics & Bioprocessing will be back 2018!

This international educational forum will have an emphasis on change, developments, improvements, new directions, management and business areas of bio-processing with focus on technical rather than commercial achievements. Areas will include analytical techniques, cell culture and upstream processing, downstream processing and single-use systems. The event will feature about 140 delegates and 15 exhibitors.

The international target audience will consist of:

  • Biotech companies – all – start up, small-medium sized, large
  • Large Pharma with interest in biotech
  • Contract manufacturing organisations
  • Engineering houses and consultants
  • QA Managers · Process developers
  • Process engineers
  • Manufacturing and production managers
  • Procurement groups
  • Investment Managers

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The event is free of charge for all delegates and we serve (free) lunch.

Agenda 2016

8.30 Registration and networking at the exhibition

9.00 Welcome and introduction. Boel Jönsson, Kemivärlden Biotech Kemisk Tidskrift,/Journal of Chemistry & Biotechnology

9.10 High throughput screening of CHO clones using droplet micro fluidics. Johan Rockberg, KTH

9.40 Development and application of continuous clarification for CHO cell culture using acoustic technology. Henry Charlton, Pall International Sarl

10.10 Coffee and networking at the exhibition

11.00 Intensified processing. Lotta Ljungqvist, GE Healthcare Life Science

11.30 High-throughput in process quantitation and molecular characterization of crude and unpurified samples in real-time using a proprietary label-free, plate-based biosensor technique. Lisette Bronswijk-Deddens, Pall ForteBio

12.00 Lunch

13.05 Panel debate: How can continuous processing keep up to date with the rest of the life science sector when drugs take so long to get to market and are we all talking from the same page? Moderator: Lucy Robertshaw

13.35 A year on and how is the investment in production in biologic’s going at AstraZeneca? – Mike Austin, AstraZeneca

14.05 Market and manufacture for biopharmaceutical gene therapy, protein and microbiome products. Magnus Gustafsson, Cobra Biologics AB

14.35 Concentration and ligand-binding analyses in process development and quality control of biotherapeutics, provided by Biacore™ systems.
Ewa Pol, GE Healthcare GmbH Europé

15.05 Conclusion

15.15 Coffee and networking at the exhibition



Address and Map

Stockholm Waterfront Congress Centre
Address: Nils Ericsons Plan 4


About the Organizer

Kemivärlden Biotech med Kemisk Tidskrift/Nordic Journal of Chemistry & Biotechnology is the leading magazine in the Nordics with a focus on Chemistry, Biotechnology and Life Science. We are a subscribed glossy magazines published 8 times per year. Ever since the magazine was founded in 1887, our core values have been credibility and quality. The Nordic Journal of Chemistry & Biotechnology reaches the members of SwedenBIO, Swedish Chemical Society, SwedNanoTech and other important groups associated with the biotech and Life Science industry.

Late February every year we publish our magazine in English for an international audience. To read the e-version of the international issue of 2016 please click here.

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Maria Eriksson
Nordic Journal of Chemistry & Biotechnology

Maria Eriksson is Program Director for New Horizons in Bioprocessing and holds a MSc in Medical Biology from Linköping University. Maria has a current position as Business Development Manager at Nordic Journal of Chemistry & Biotechnology (Kemivärlden Biotech). She has a background from the pharma industry and Karolinska Hospital where she served as a Research Engineer in the Fertility Unit.

Maria is also the initiator and Program Director of international annual events such as The Future of Swedish & Danish Life ScienceNew Updates in Drug Formulation & BiovailabilityBioscience – Research through innovative Technologies and the new partnerig meeting PharmaOutsourcing.


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